The Worms That Walk is a Lovecraftian horror campaign played with D20 Modern rule-sets.

Players are allowed to create a level one character from any of the current, official D20 Modern sourcebooks or supplements. Stats are created with a 25 point-buy system. All characters must be approved by the GM prior to play time. There is a helpful character creation tool here.

The campaign is set in the near-future Pacific Northwest. For more information, please refer to this campaign’s wiki.

Current players include:

Brian as Dr. Atticus, a disgraced professor of the occult
CJ as Penny Murchwood, a circus acrobat and Ethel’s daughter
Eddie as Dr. Hideyo Harkness, an elderly doctor
Liza as Ethel Murchwood, private investigator and Penny’s mother

On Hiatus:
Eliot as Officer L’Angelle, a discredited beat cop
Goose as Jeffrey Harper, Dr. Atticus’ protege

Player Emeritus:
Vanessa as Eight McAllister, private investigator with a private past

The Worms that Walk

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