Dr. Hideyo Harkness


Last Updated: 8/23/2011

STR 8 -1
DEX 10 0
CON 10 0
INT 12 +1
WIS 16 +3
CHA 12 +1

Level 2 Dedicated Hero

HP: 9
Defense: 13
Initiative: 0
Base Attack: 1
Speed: 30

Max Sanity: 80
Current Sanity: 77
20% Sanity: 16

FORT Save: 3
REFL Save: 0
WILL Save: 5

Reputation: +1
Action Points: 6
Wealth Bonus: 9

Talent: Healing Knack
Feats: Medical Expert, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Surgery, Personal Firearms Proficiency
Skills: Craft (Pharmaceuticals) 7; Gamble 5; Intimidate 1; Knowledge (Earth & Life Sciences) 6; Perform (Sing Enka) 3 (CC); Profession 8; Sense Motive 7; Spot 8; Survival 3; Treat Injury 14

Equipment Carried: Backpack, Cell Phone, First Aid Kit (x4), Gun License, Leather Jacket, Medical Kit, Ruger Service-Six Gun; .38 6 cylinder clips (x2)

Equipment in Vehicle: Box of .38 bullets (50), Casual Clothes, First Aid Kits (x10), Pharmacist Kit, Rope (150’)

Vehicle: Dodge Neon (p.125 d20 Modern)

Light Load: 26 lbs.
Medium Load: 27-53 lbs.
Heavy Load: 54-80 lbs.


Dr. Hideyo Harkness is a retired doctor and veteran of the Korean War. His specialty was in emergency care with a sub-specialty in medical toxicology. After decades of work in the ER, he finally retired and decided to see the world. Having devoted many years to healing others, Hideyo has decided to start being selfish and enjoy what the world has to offer.

His father was an American G.I. and his mother was a Japanese enka performer. As a result, he developed a love of traveling and has a tendency to break out in traditional enka song and dance (particularly when inebriated).

Dr. Hideyo Harkness

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