Eight McAllister

Director of McAllister Investigations


Eight McAllister is a former Navy SEAL and current director of McAllister Investigations. She is married to Daisy Thompson.

AP reports: (2008) On the sleepy isle of Hunter’s Rift, a wedding came to an unusual and tragic end when family and wedding guests were attacked by members of the catering party.

Investigators are having difficulty piecing together the grisly events that occurred. Evidence suggests that while guests were waiting for the ceremony to begin, members of the catering staff silently killed off the other five wedding staffers. One of the caterers took Gregory McAllister, the father of the bride, hostage. As negotiations broke down, the unknown assailant slit Gregory McAllister’s throat. Family and friends fled the scene. A few were shot by unknown gunmen, though reports conflict on who was attempting to shoot whom. Twenty-four drowned as they attempted to escape the chaos by swimming into the cold and stormy ocean. Fifty-four were killed, and another six are still unaccounted for.

Eight McAllister, and her fiancée, Daisy Thompson, survived the attack. McAllister lost eight siblings and their respective spouses, sixteen nieces and nephews, her father, and several other family members during the mass-murder, leaving her the sole survivor of the McAllister family. She stands to inherit an estimated million dollars from the family assets. Continue reading…

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Eight McAllister

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