Tag: Lower Walsherham


  • Timothy Vyne

    Timothy Vyne was the greasy mechanic of Lower Walsherham whose home was in a state of complete disarray. Vyne convinced the investigators to enter his van after claiming that their driver had made little progress on repairs of their shuttle vehicle. …

  • Jerry McVey

    Jerry McVey is the local religious leader in Lower Walsherham, and holds much sway within the community. He was seemingly in opposition to the investigators' actions in Lower Walsherham, though he took no outright action against them.

  • Cathy Deiss

    Cathy is the energetic and cheerful operator of the only cafe in Lower Walsherham, feeding villagers after church and community gatherings. She became flustered when the investigators claimed to be able to repair the broken phone lines, but was …

  • Patrick Carruthers

    While looking into the strange happenings in [[Lower Walsherham]], [[:dr-atticus | Dr. Atticus]] commissioned his old research assistant, [[:jeffrey-harper | Jeffrey Harper]], to look into the history of the village. The only thing Jeffrey could find …