Carruthers Note

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Notes from the journal of Theodore Atticus: What follows is my best attempt at a transcription of the Carruthers note, reproduced above. A combination of age and the hasty hand in which it is written has made some of the sections illegible. Where possible, I have added my best guess as to what these words might be. The note is dated 2007.


I see you’re in a regen cycle, so I’ll not wake you. If you keep waking prematurely, you’ll delay your Return.

I’ve brought a fresh batch from the [Illegible: Researcher’s note – this word appears to have been written twice and deliberately scribbled out each time. It appears to start with a lower-case ‘c’]. Keep your feeding in check, or they won’t last. I can’t make it here again.

[Pg. 2]
The fragment in L.W. [Researcher’s note: Lower Walsherham?!] is healthy. We haven’t replaced the one lost to fire @ the CoC [Researcher’s note: the small ‘o’ here may alternatively be a period. Regardless, it seems obviously to refer to the church], but I hope to soon. The others are healthy, but still growing. When you return to this world fully, I’ll have assumed the H. Fisher ID, sorry to grab it w/o permission, but it’s an emergency. [Researcher’s note: This implies that members of the cult share a false identity for covert activities. We must be extremely careful if we ever encounter someone with the name H. Fisher in the future.]

[Pg. 3: Officer L’Angelle believes this to be written in a different hand than the first two pages. If he is correct, it could be the work of another person. I myself am unable to confirm or deny his theory.]
I think our next fragment will be a bit [Illegible: different?]. Instead of lake or [Illegible] I’ll open a theater this time.

Eight McAllister looks out of the [Illegible: g, o/a?, ?, e; perhaps ‘game’]. I think it’s mutually beneficial to leave her be.

In accordance w/ the wishes of he who waits in the dark.

W.C. [Researcher’s note: Most likely Walter Corbitt]

Additional notes: The mention of ‘ fragments’ in this note is somewhat concerning. It implies an ominous link between the Church of Quiet Contemplation, the town of Lower Walsherham, and the events at the Carruthers House. Mr. Corbitt refers to the fragments as though they are alive, a concerning habit if ever there was. If these additional ‘fragments’ reach maturity as the one in Lower Walsherham seems to have done, it can only bode ill for the rest of the world. We must discover what these fragments are, and how we can stop their growth. Perhaps the first step will be to discover the theater mentioned in the last page of the note. The prospect fills me with dread, but I feel it must be done.

Carruthers Note

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