Handlings Tomes

Tomes don’t come in any particular format and are filled with a mix of Mythos knowledge and nonsensical ravings. They are inevitably filled with marginalia, censored sections, and cyphers.

Step 1: Initial Contact

Step 2: Examination
Time passes
Study check: 1d20 + level + research bonus + # of previous checks
Succeed: Success! Skip to #3
Fail: Return to #2

Step 4: Learn Spells
It takes additional time to learn the spells located within a text. Spells are unpredictable, and the caster often doesn’t know the full sacrifice a spell exacts until after an attempt.

Step 5: Return for Reference
A character may spend time poring over a book she has already read to make a single Cthulhu Mythos check to learn a specific bit of information relating to the book’s subject matter. Add a bonus on this roll equal to the number of ranks the book originally added to the reader’s skill. No Sanity loss is incurred for this referencing.

Handlings Tomes

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