Journal of Patrick Carruthers

Jeffrey Harper found these journals among local historia while researching Lower Walsherham.

This is the journal of cryptozoologist Patrick Carruthers. It describes how he found some curious fossilized remains, and his fascination with their identification. As the journal continues, the language becomes ever more feverish and broken.

Notable lines include:

“I am convinced that the settlement here was controlled by some outside force that required sacrifice so regularly that it was as if they believed they were feeding it directly…”

“The phonetic translation could be Va’Yog-Sothoth”

“…it must have a fresh water home, it must be fed for it cannot find the food it needs on its own. I can only hope it has not seen me with its horrifying eyes.”

This link has led the investigators to look into Patrick’s current whereabouts.

Journal of Patrick Carruthers

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