Northwestern Historic Preservation Foundation


Founded in 1977, the Northwestern Historic Preservation Foundation is an intrastate nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation of diverse cultural and architectural heritage.

We are the Pacific Northwest’s leading voice for historic preservation, as well as its most valuable source for preservation-related assistance. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees presided by Henry Fisher.

Mission Statement:

“The Northwestern Historic Preservation Foundation provides leadership, advocacy, and education to ensure the protection of diverse cultural heritage and historic places.”

Our Goals:

Over the next five years NHPF is committed to increasing our membership in numbers and diversity; increasing our funding base; increasing our advocacy efforts at a local and statewide level; continuing and expanding our education efforts; partnering with other non-profit organizations to promote smart growth, sustainability and cultural landscape preservation; establishing a Legal Defense Fund; establishing a list of California’s “Most Endangered Properties.”

Our President:

Henry Fisher’s grandfather, George Fisher, founded the foundation in 1953 to manage the family’s real estate assets and use their revenues to fund historic preservation. Henry Fisher took leadership of the organization in 2008, and has been a steadfast patron of the arts. When not managing the NHPF, Mr. Fisher manages a series of humanitarian agencies, including the Henry Fisher Animal Shelter, St. Cuthbert’s Homeless Shelter, Gateway’s Nursing Home, and Pierce & Pierce’s Law Firm, a pro bono agency focusing on immigration law, juvenile delinquency, and domestic violence.

Our New Home:

Our new headquarters are located at Scott Manor, former home of John Scott, victim of religious intolerance in 1905. The Scott Manor fell into the hands of Henry Fisher, and was the first major preservation project of the NHPF under his leadership. This newly restored 19th century mansion was graciously donated by Henry Fisher, and provides much needed space for our organization to grow.

Northwestern Historic Preservation Foundation

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