The Carruthers House

The investigators, following up on the strange events in Lower Walsherham, found the home of Patrick Carruthers, a former resident of the village.

His home is currently in a state of disrepair, and a local realty agent seems desperate to unload the property, though also unwilling to put much effort into actually selling the site. Initial attempts to get the agent to discuss why the house was for sale was met with resistance. “I already told you reporters everything there is to know about the house! Unless you have a real offer, you can go fuck yourselves!”

Little is known about the site itself, other than the realtor’s apparent dislike of the location.


  • Investigators have found the Corbitt Diaries in one of the storage rooms.
  • An unusual amount of Catholic iconography was found in the living room and the bedroom.
  • The living room and the kitchen look as if they were abandoned mid-meal, with little attempt to clean the space in the meantime.
  • The tiny basement is filled with rubbish, with wood-paneling and cement floors. Supposedly Patrick Carruthers is buried in this space.
  • An upstairs abandoned room has a preponderance of dead cats.

Timeline, as dictated by Eight McAllister

1895: Wealthy merchant built the house.
1952: Patrick Carruthers purchases the house.
1966: Carruthers is sued by neighbors who petition to force him to leave the area.
1968: Carruthers is sued by neighbors to prevent Corbitt from being buried in his basement, as provided by his will.
1970: Series of violent accidents left parents dead and three children crippled.
1999: Family moves in and immediately fell prey to illnesses.
2004: Eldest brother went mad and killed himself with a kitchen knife.
2007: Third family moved in and left immediately.
2008: The Macario family moved into the house.
2009: Victor Macario had a serious accident and went violently insane. He was committed.
2010: Gabriela Macario was committed.

The Carruthers House

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