The Worms that Walk

John Scott and the Paradise Theater in the 1920's

Correspondence between Theodore Atticus and Jeffrey Harper

Dear Professor,

I’ve looked into this John Scott of yours, and he’s a creepy fuck, even by 19th century standards.

There isn’t too much information on him, but he did build the house that is now the headquarters of NHPF. It seems that he had a thing for hookers, but maybe not a thing for paying hookers, cuz they found at least 10 dead ones in his basement.

They hanged him in 1905, though I didn’t see much mention of occult dealings in the court documents. They did, however, mention this startling fact: he was a priest of, get this, the Church of Quiet Contemplation and Chapel of the Conglomeration of Glowing Spheres. Sound familiar?

Hope this helps.

J. Harper



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